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5 Tools that make you a happy web writer

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Quality content


Do you feel that you are wasting too much time to write an article?

Are you getting distracted with other stuff, and unable to write well?

Is writing a quality blog getting way too difficult for you?

Do you want to put an end to all this? If yes, then in this article we are going to shed light on some of the best tools that you, as a web writer, must know about.

So, let us begin –

1.  Copyscape – Google has been penalizing websites with copied content for quite some time, and in such times Copyscape is a writer’s best friend to check about the copied content. With the help of this amazing tool, you can eventually get to know who has been copying your content at times. In short, with the help of this plagiarism checker you can be in good books of Google by saying a big No to copied content!




2.  Inbound writer – For those of you who want to get an idea about how much worth does their article hold on the web, this is a must try tool. Once you submit your work in this tool, you get a pictorial representation about the score you make on the scale of 1-100. The score comes in the form of a speedometer. Inbound writer does a thorough analysis of the content already present on the internet and comes up with the best information for you. Give it a go once, and i can bet that you would not be able to resist its use as a part of your writing tools armoury (keep in mind that there is a limited number i.e. 8 of articles free every month, and after that you will be charged per article)

3.  Google’s Armoury of Tools – To make life easier for the writers, Google offers an armoury of tools. 

Google Tool Box


Take a look

(a) Google Keywords tool – The first to name amongst these is the Google Keywords tool. After all, the initial step is to search for the most suitable keywords to write an article on. The tool allows you to research about the number of local as well as global searches for a particular tool, thus giving you an idea whether the keyword you have chosen is worth writing upon or not?

(b) Google Optimizer – If you are looking for a tool that allows you to check the efficacy of you website content and pages, then this is the best option. The tool helps you show different versions of the page to different users, and based upon their experience you can get to know about the most effective page using the analytics tool.

(c) Google Insights – This tool lets you know about the trends of search terms people have been entering on search engine Google. The best part here is the the insights tools also has the option for regional data presentation. Therefore, you can view statistics of a particular geographical region as well. Isn’t that awesome!

4.  Market Samurai – 

Marketing Samurai

To make you market research simple and easy, Market Samurai is just the perfect thing. Based on the principle of filtering out keywords and coming with the ones with weakest competition market samurai will help you in finding content related to those articles as well. Not to forget, it will help you link to various articles related to your keywords on the web and at the same time allows you to schedule posts directly to your blog to get them publish. How cool is that!! Although it is a paid tool, but looking at the benefits that it brings the cost of $149 is not a lot. And, trust me spending this much amount of buying such a useful tool is worth it!!!

5.  Others – All the tools mentioned above are related to the technical aspect of web writing. However, we must never forget that writing is an art and it takes immense concentration to come up with good content which is worth reading. To make sure that there is no lack of concentration, there are tools like :-

(a) Anti-Social that allows you to temporarily switch off from social media for a time that you like (you have the option to set the time)

(b) IFTTT (If This Then That) a tool that allows you to store ideas about articles that come up in your mind but you cannot write on them right there and then. So to store those ideas for use later you can use this tool 

(c) Editorial Calendars that will help you plan out strategies for creating content

Besides these there are other tools like Keyword Planner, Evernote, to name a few, which can come in handy while writing. So, you see the choices are many it is you who has to decide which one suits your requirements.

If you have other such tools in mind that have helped you become a happy writer then you are more than welcomed to share them with us. Keep reading for our next blog on the topic.

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